The source and provenance of our products are of utmost importance to us. Most of our meat has been sourced from the same local farmers and producers for many years. This gives us a consistently high quality and ensures that we are supplying only the best.

You will find below details of our suppliers.

Holker Estates Co. Ltd.
Based in Cartmel, Cumbria, Holker Estates supply us with Lamb.
Saltmarsh Lamb - Available from June until January, is produced on the salt marshes around the Cartmel Peninsula on Morcambe Bay. The lambs feed on herbal grasses on the edge of the sea giving the meat a unique and striking flavour which is light and sweet.
Swaledale & Swaledale / Hardwick Cross Lambs - Available from February to May this wonderful lamb is bred on the Holker Hall Estate at Kirkby in Furness.

Blacklidge Bros.
Are the suppliers of our beef and farm the cattle on there family farms in the Chorley area as well as 4600 acres of hill farms in the Scottish Borders. They produce the finest quality beef which is well marbled and tender. We then hang the meat for 21 days at our own facility.

Some of our Customers